Hidden Meaning And Secrets Of 88 Angel Number

Does the 88 pair of numbers seem to follow you around? If you have become aware that you keep seeing a certain set of numbers, be happy! You are receiving your angel numbers; your guardian spirits are guiding you on how to go forward. Whether you know it or not, you are in a major crossroads of your life and your guardian angels are sending you these signs.

88 Angel Number Meaning and Symbolism

All angel numbers are karmic numbers, exerting influence in how you can best ride the waves of life. Sometimes you are enjoying success like the crest of the wave, and there are times you are hitting the bottom of the wave. As long as you can understand the meaning of your angel numbers, you have more than just lucky numbers.

The 88 angel number is full of power and authority, a dyad that manifests abundance and prosperity. If you have your own business or in finance, you are about to experience a rich harvest of your effort and hardwork. Remember, all angel numbers are karmic numbers. They all follow the Principle of Cause and Effect. If you are having money problems right now, you have to correct the underlying cause before you get your windfall.

The number “8” symbolizes infinity and energy, a double 88 brings you to the center of growth and fulfilling your potential. It also means that you can expect more stability in the future. However, you must endure the tough times and take the initiative to create opportunities.

Is 88 a Lucky Number?

More than just a lucky number, having the 88 angel number means that you are now in the best position to achieve and accomplish your goals. Take leadership either at work or in society, or both. Be courageous and confident, your star is ascendant. This is an angel number that reinforces abundance and personal growth.

In eastern esoteric teachings, 8 is the number of money and fortune and you are likely to see variations of 8, from business names to car plate numbers. However, 88 can also bring an overturning of fortune sooner or later for those people with ill-gotten wealth. Beware of scams and get-rich schemes. Good fortune will attract even the undesirables, so you must be on guard.

You will definitely get more opportunities than before, meet people who can help you, and will develop your network and career. However, be careful of taking it too easy. The positive energies of 88 can easily cause a reversal when it is dissipated, especially by wrong-doing.

88 Means Spiritual Prosperity

You must create spiritual prosperity for yourself and others to fully harness the influence of this angel number. Be humble in the face of success and harmonize your values and actions to create love and harmony in your environment and others. Be careful of arrogance, especially with your words. You are in danger of creating problems in the future if you become reckless with your success.

If you lent out money, expect certain debts to be repaid. At the same time, you must also pay up money debts.

What is the Meaning of 88 in Love

If you are already in a committed relationship, your guardian angels are encouraging you to take the next step. Those who are of two minds about a particular person, this is your make or break moment. Either pursue seriously or simply quit.

As a karmic number, the 88 angel number can either magnify your love or pull it down the other way. Be careful of hasty decisions and giving in to selfish desires. Passions are raging because of the powerful influence of the number, and you might end up in a relationship that you are not ready for.

However, the stability and personal growth offered by the angel number 88 makes this the perfect time for marriages and long-term relationships. Trust in the goodness of your partner and be receptive to change.

Warning for 88 Angel Number In Love

Those in abusive relationships should take the warning seriously. Get out as soon as you can, the harm you are receiving will escalate. Your guardian angels want you to be in a safe and healthy environment and with a person that will love and support you. Be brave.

88 Meaning In Terms Of Money and Career

As the angel number for manifesting good fortune and wealth, 88 will boost your money and career goals. Expect getting the promotion you have worked hard for, some of your long-term investments will start paying off, or you will receive an unexpected windfall.

Your guiding spirits are helping you get the recognition you deserve, especially if you have been overlooked before. As the angel number of accomplishment and achievement, your practicality and dependability have paved the way for your success.

Be confident in your plans. This is the best time to draw up long-term goals. However, be careful of overreaching and a too hasty expansion in business. Growth will come, but it must be carefully developed and maintained.

Take care of your employees and subordinates. During the influence of the 88 angel number, don’t take shortcuts or shortchange anyone. The karmic rebound will be swift and unremitting, so be mindful. The Universe will not look away from mistakes, especially those that will make people suffer or take advantage of them.

At all costs, avoid gambling.

88 Meaning In Bible

In the Bible, 88 appears once, and that is for the prolific and abundant offspring of King Solomon’s son. It is the number of diligence and faithfulness as shown in Psalm 88, and should be your guiding principles in life.

Spend time with your loved ones, and as mentioned before, filial piety needs to take precedence. You could also expect good advice from an old mentor or senior colleague that will prove important in the future.

88 Angel Number Twin Flame Reunion

As such, the double infinity that symbolizes the 88 angel number means the drawing together of the twin flame. A reunion of the same life spark, be ready to face the challenges ahead. You and your twin flame were separated because of too much attachment to one another resulting in spiritual stagnation. So you must both grow.

Develop your spirituality so your paths will cross together in this lifetime. Be open to changing yourself and accepting others. Your twin flame seeks you as strongly and the universe will heed your souls’ cries. However, as a mirror of one another, you must be spiritually balanced with one another.

Overcome pain and suffering in your heart, move forward with forgiveness and develop stability in your life. Be what you desire in others, meaning be as loving, reliable, and patient as you want others to be towards you.

Your 88 Angel Number Soulmate

Happiness in love and spirit is coming. A soulmate is not necessarily your lover, but someone who can understand you. A friend will break through the walls you have built around yourself and will be a lifelong companion. Through thick and thin, your soulmate will be there for you.

As an angel number, you also must discover your soul mission and take action. We all have roles to play in this lifetime, and your soulmate will help you fulfill that. It is also important to be the person who will support others.

88 Angel Number for Good Health

The guiding spirits want you to be in good health, so be careful of stomach problems especially ulcers and complications caused by overindulgence.  Avoid trendy diets that will eventually impact your well-being. Eat on time and be careful of your sleeping habits. If you are having problems eating and sleeping well, it’s time to address them. Manage your stress or your health will suffer more.

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